You’re looking for the perfect gift to give your child? Your child will love to see them in their book. Here are some great book suggestions for the children in you life book for boyfriend.

An alphabet booklet- Take a look at the alphabet and take a picture of your children that corresponds with each letter. If B is for Bunny, then find a picture where your child holds or pet a bunny. You can also add text from their favorite nursery rhymes.

Silly little quotes book- Have a look at some of the funny things your child says, does or sings? Use the text to quote your child, and add a picture showing them being silly.

Here, there, everywhere book – Make a book featuring pictures of your child’s adventures. Then create a story. You can make your child the main protagonist and take part in the adventures with them. Your child is sure to enjoy the role of the main character in a story. They will also love reliving their childhood memories.

Tell Your Story

Let your story of life together and show your love by creating a book. This could be a collection of poems, stories, statistics or quotes. Also, scan movie tickets, concert stubs, and any other keepsakes you may have. Books that tell stories can make great gifts for an anniversary or milestone.

Imagine writing a book like this to celebrate your 10th year anniversary. Add some of your year-byyear favourite memories to the book. Include memories from places you’ve been or things you did together. If you feel especially creative, include poetry or short stories throughout your book.

Are you feeling inspired? We hope you are now inspired and have some ideas to help make your book memorable.


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