Keep in mind that physically destroying a hard drive simply makes the data unusable but doesn’t remove it completely. If you’d rather recycle hard drive rather than physically destroying it, it is absolutely necessary to wipe it before dropping it at a recycling center. Wiping a hard drive destroys the data stored on it. When it’s time to decommission old computers, the main concern is ensuring proper hard drive disposal. Because your hard disk drive is coated with magnetic material, one radical way to scrub your hard drive thoroughly is to disrupt the magnetic domains on the drive. Before you sell your old computer or give it away, you need to either format your hard drive or reset it to default factory settings. Otherwise, somebody could access sensitive information you thought would be gone forever.

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Solutions for HDD/SSD Destruction

We all remember the infamous Facebook data breach incident that took place last year. While it’s true that switching to digital applications has helped us reduce paper and plastic waste, the cyc… The biggest news in data protection in the last several years was the GDPR changes in the European Union.

“On every server there might be things from other commercial entities,” said Air Force Gen. Tim Haugh, the first deputy commander of JTF ARES working under Cardon. “We were only going to touch that little sliver of the adversary space and not perturb anyone else.” The deeper ARES got inside ISIS’s network, the more it looked like the theory about the 10 nodes was correct. The young Marine ran into his leadership’s office at the NSA, grabbed a marker and started drawing crazy circles and lines on a whiteboard. “I was pointing everywhere and saying, ‘It’s all connected; these are the key points. Let’s go,” he recalled.

I’ve used the Web-deployable and found it to be an efficient and effective method of conducting a three-time disk overwrite and verification pass. The software automatically produces a Certificate of Data Erasure – guaranteeing success of hard drive erasure. I tried three off-the-shelf data recovery programs and could find no trace of data. I liked the fact that the software was Web-deployable so that I could erase the drive immediately and did not have to download an .exe file nor did I have to wait for a CD to arrive in the mail. The other option, of course, is magnets; mechanical hard drives are highly sensitive to magnetic fields, and strong magnets can be obtained in the form of Nd2Fe14B, or neodymium-iron-boron alloy. Neodymium magnets are found in large quantities as small discs that look like tiny coin cell batteries, and also in high-quality speakers, some screwdrivers, and …

What Is A Hard Drive & The Difference Between HDD and SSD

After couple of hits most likely platters will go and become total mess . We were doing that as low-cost solution in our workplace where we had to send out few drives per month to HP, Fujitsu-Siemens, and Maxdata. We had only once complains about it but we were doing it non-stop so they knew it’s all on purpose. As long as you hit the drive flat keeping it in hand you shouldn’t break the case but only platters inside. @mjrider – When you buy a new drive, it doesn’t have an OS, but you can still access it to put on the OS. The software works in the same way – it doesn’t matter if there is an OS on it or not, as long as the SATA channel is active and you can see the device and it answers, you should be able to flip the bit.

Line of Data Elimination Products

Basically if it still works, use some utility, that overwrites each sector of the disk at least 10 times. Since NIST is not making any assumption of data classification level they give recommendations for all three noting that for ATA drives manufactured after 2001 clearing and purging have converged.

Professional hard drive disposal employs a series of proven methods and techniques to destroy data. In some cases, one method is sufficient to guarantee total data obliteration.

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