Research Consultants lead and structure the research and analysis of individual studies that form deliverables for consulting companies. They work closely with Fortune 500/Global 1000 companies and smaller firms to determine the strategic and operational challenges that they are facing. Research Consultants strive to identify and develop Purpose of Research the best solutions to these important business challenges, and subsequently teach these solutions to their clients.

In general, Strategic Research Consultants must have proven analytical skills and a passion for research. Successful profiles for a research consultant include

(1) PhDs (Post-Doctoral professional experience in research, consulting or academia is highly desirable);

(2) MBAs who are interested in research problems rather than daily management issues;

(3) JDs – JDs with business experience or experience writing legal briefs extremely desirable;

(4) strategy consultants from top firms; and

(5) policy analysts who have a proven ability to undertake original economic and financial analysis of a high professional standard and can persuade clients to adopt their position on a wide range of economic and financial policy issues.

Although different firms seek strategic research consultants with varying backgrounds, they do share some common attributes. Most of these assignments will require the consultant to have a rigorous intellect, creativity for products, and experience in management and teamwork.

Intellectual Capabilities

· Strong inductive and deductive reasoning skills.

· Experience in hypothesis-driven research.

· Insight generation – the ability to generate ideas that have an impact.

· Basic quantitative facility- relevant coursework or work experience.

Deliverable Product Creation

· Strong writing ability — published candidates highly desirable.

· Ability to scope terrain – evident through research experience.

· Teaching and framing — experience or ability to teach and relay ideas. Candidates who have been teaching assistants in graduate school classes are desirable.

· Effective communication skills.

Management and Teamwork

· Project management skills.

· Experience/ability to engage clients.

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