The demands on the workplace present and the amount of stress that employees feel and the pressure on employees is greater than ever before. That means the expectations of those who manage their employees are often nearly triple or even quadruple. This is the reason why a large number of managers who are new quit and fail to make it through the first few days of leading a team that includes a variety of individuals toward something that is nearly impossible for anyone else.

Here are some tips and crucial tips for novice managers to help them become successful leaders without stressing themselves out too overly.


  • Develop and refine your time-management skills by management training in dubai.
    • Know the personality of the people you supervise.
    • Learn to encourage them.
    • Give praise to those who merit it.
    • Be a constant listener.
  • Understand how to place yourself in the position of someone else.
  • Delegate effectively.
  • Send your messages, visions clearly and efficiently.
    • Be a positive role model for your team.
    • Inspire them to use their passion, creativity and talents in the workplace.
  • Maintain a constant communication.
  • You can trust your team, and let them feel and know it.
  • Encourage them, but not too insistent.
  • Be patient and sensitive to their needs.
  • Respect their views.
  • Be consistent, firm yet soft in your choices.
    • Inspire employees to use their creativity, passion and strengths in the job.
    • Get everyone involved in the goals or projects.
  • Continue to study take more classes, and then enroll in classes in leadership.
  • Meet regularly for group gathering.
  • If you can, schedule a an individual meeting with staff members at least every two months.
  • Always be sure to recognize your good work.
  • Equal opportunities, acknowledgement and praise.
  • Give constructive criticisms.


  • Don’t pretend that you have all the answers to all questions and problems.
  • Don’t accept all the credit.
  • Don’t expect that they will be flawless.
  • Don’t provide unclear assignments or instructions.This could confuse employees and they may not be able to do the job as you would expect.
  • Don’t be overwhelmed.
  • Do not take on jobs that have been poorly executed Sit down and discuss the work , and then make sure you follow up.
  • Don’t attempt to impress your boss by taking all the glory off your employees.
  • Don’t dwell on the mistakes you made, but instead focus on the learning opportunities that result from the learning.
  • Don’t accept or reward poor performance, instead recognize those who are truly worthy of the recognition they deserve.
  • Avoid confrontations with weak performers.
  • Don’t be tolerant or defer to bad work ethics or poor performance.


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