Each one of these stress-reducing exercises can be tried for a few seconds. Take the best ones and apply them throughout the day to reduce anxiety and stress Autogenes Training Anleitung

  1. THE FOUR-COUNTHold the breath for four times and count silently to 4. Repeat for 1 – 5 minutes
  2. THE TEN – Count to 10.You should count each breath so you’re fully aware. If you don’t feel a single breath, start over again and try again.
  3. BODYBREATH Inhale from your fingertips, into your shoulders, head and arms.Inhale, extending your neck, abdomen, legs, and your toes.
  4. PEACEBREATH Inhale as you visualize peace infusing your body (head )….).Then, pause. Next, exhale.
  5. GROANING TO RELAX – Allow yourself and those around to you to silently groan about the stresses of the day for 5 minutes.
  6. LAUGHING IN RELAX Take a five-minute break and just laugh for five minutes!
  7. PROGRESSIVE Relaxation tighten, then release, all major muscle groups in your body.You should start at the feet and move upwards towards the head. (toes, ankles, calves, knees, thighs, buttocks, stomach, back, hands, wrists, elbows, shoulders, neck, head, face)
  8. AUTOGENIC TRAINING – Mentally inhale each part of your body, allowing warmth and relaxation to flow into the area.
  9. PETTINGANIMALSPETTING ANIMALS Simply sit down, and you can pet them!
  10. SELF–IMAGERY Imagine yourself in a relaxed place from the past.Take a few minutes to “live” in that place.
  11. GUIDEDIMAGERY Tapes are designed to take listeners to special places, like a waterfall.
  12. MUSIC Music with a natural beat and no melody is the best.The sound is cyclical, and it can be repeated.
  13. CONCENTRATION TEACHINGS: It is reported that a repetition of any word ending in “m”, or “n”, can increase relaxation.You may also “sing the vowels”, repeating each one 3x. A…E…I..O…U… Your body’s energies will be balanced!
  14. MINDFULNESS Become completely aware of the sensations in your nose as your breath moves from one nostril to another.Recall the feeling of the air as it flows from your nostrils. You can let all thoughts be what they are and not react to them. Remain in the present moment of the breath


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