Kitesurfing is a unique experience with a massive adrenaline rush. No other sport offers such an experience in the water. Kitesurfing allows you to harness the power of the wind to propel you through the water.

When you are completely still this is the moment you can change direction really easily. Do this by shifting your weight from your current back leg towards your new back leg. Almost all your motions from now on will be initiated by your head. For now steer the kite in a new direction, the same way you would do a water start with a similar amount of power. Make sure you have a buddy or another kitesurfer that will help you to get started. The helper can hold the kite on the leading edge and lift the kite a bit off the ground. You as the kiter can attach the kite bar and safety leach on your kite harness.

Different Types of Harnesses for Kiteboarding

But whoever you are, it’d be a surprise if you weren’t able to crack it in two weeks, conditions permitting. If anyone ever told you that you can’t go kitesurfing because of your weight, they couldn’t be more wrong. This guy on Reddit weighs 265 lbs and kitesurfs whenever he wants with no problems. Learn to steer the kite so that you reach maximum pull-back and kitesurf kurser tension to make the kite rise from wind pressure. If you trim your bar down towards you, but sail bum down, you will have to keep the arms bent to keep tension on the back lines. This is often the reason for not trimming the kite, as sailing arms straight takes all the power out until you lean back. Job number one for them is some good old-fashioned loving.

What do you learn at a kite school?

For a kiteschool and its instructors is safety and being self-supportive while learning how to kite way more important. Instruct your buddy to grab the leading edge of your kite when you steered it to the wind window edge. The question to get help from your buddy or another kiter on the beach can also be made by sign language. The sign for this is tapping with one hand on top of your hand. This can be very helpfull since you sometimes can not hear each other due to the wind. Do a quality check of your kite equipment before every kitesurf session. You don’t want any problems when you are on the water, so make sure you check your kite gear regularly.

When you start your steering motion slightly pull the bar in and when you start steering back up sheet out your bar a bit. If you do this in a controlled flow you will be pulled forward, in the direction of the kite and downwind.

Knowing how the wind works make learning kitesurfing a lot easier. Pay special attention tothe wind window of kitesurfing.

You need 8 to 21 hours of kitesurfing lessons to learn how to kitesurf. But after 21 hours of kitesurfing lessons, you can surely control the kite and make the first meter on the kitesurf board. The reason is safety, a kitesurf instructor is giving kite surf lessons and knows the dangers. Besides from strong wind, you need to watch out for other kite surfers, currents, obstacles, and mainly your kitesurf equipment. So in the end, we won’t recommend learning yourself how to kitesurf.

What skills do I need to start my kitesurfing journey?

If you grew up riding horses this is for you…, bow legs, bow kites, whatever next? Both knees need to be soft and flexible and pointing out over your feet. From above it should look like you could be kiting in either direction. Like this you can absorb chop, and you are not frozen in one position, but rather in a “ready” position, from which you can shift your body weight in order to maintain balance. There is no maximum or minimum time frame to learn kitesurfing since everyone starts with different skills, expectations and goals.

This may take a little more strength than just walking but not much. You will be loading one leg at a time to put pressure on the board which steers your directions and resists the pull of the kite. The main reason you do not have to be really strong to kitesurfer is that kiters are harnessed into the sail and their body weight and the wind itself does the majority of the work. The main reason you visit a kite school is to learn how to kitesurf.

What is the nearest spot to you and does it fit your needs of a spot. Is there a beach with a beach break or is it a flat lagoon? This requires a significant dose of both balance and coordination. For most people, this skill takes a few hours and some unpleasant faceplants to pick up. So again, understand the wind theory is quite easy, but using it in action is another story. It requires some time and practice to build up reflexes and muscle memory.

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