Hodges pens a fantasy story full of action, adventure, love, greed, and betrayal with “The Emerald Dagger.” The timespace rift to the medieval dagger land, Daradawn, opens simplest once for seven days every seven years. Kelsey Cafferty plans on going via the rift to visit her sister, Regan, who’s married to the high mage, Peter. Will Kelsey live in Daradawn or return to San Francisco?

With the rift to Daradawn establishing, Kelsey plans to go to her sister and pals. Unfortunately, she’s not on time in a site visitors twist of fate. When she subsequently goes to Daradawn, she has a tourist, Ben’s daughter, Delilah.

There’s a new hazard to Daradawn’s peace. Fairy people are being mutilated into demon creatures through the evil mage, Dirkk. They ride wolf-like creatures and feature killed of Zara’s younger dragnets. Zara, the mother dragon, wishes revenge.

Regan and Kelsey are satisfied to see each different, but there is lots intrigue going on at Queen Tessa’s court, where Regan serves. Regan can communicate to Zara, however is not a success in changing’s Zara mind, bent on revenge.

Regan has her personal demanding situations. She’s these days given birth, however her son is abducted via the mage, Dirkk. Dirkk possesses the Emerald Dagger. It is a powerful tool of dark magic. Regan’s no slouch in the magic department – she possesses the Blue Flame which does her bidding. When Dirkk kidnaps her son, Daniel, Regan goes to save him, but will her actions be taken as a betrayal of Daradawn’s peace? Daradawn’s very life is threatened and handiest Regan and Kelsey can defend it.

Hodges creates an ensemble delusion tale with likable characters filled with magic, dragons, basset hounds, and sword fights. Hodges imagination shines within the global of Daradawn and its smooth to visualise the setting. The writing is brisk, maintaining the reader engaged and worrying to understand what occurs subsequent.

There’s no person couple that drives the story, however what Hodges does properly is create characters that quickly endear themselves to the reader. Regan and Kelsey have noble hearts, however their upbringing in San Francisco is plain in their speech and mannerisms. Peter is courageous, Rourk is heroic, and Dirkk is deliciously evil.

“The Emerald Dagger” is full of motion and intrigue. The story is “sweet” for romance readers and is geared extra for a mainstream myth target market. The tale reads exceptional as a stand on my own novel inside the collection, but it really has me eager to head back and examine e-book one, “The Blue Flame.” “The Emerald Dagger” will sweep the reader away to all over again and region, keeping them turning the pages.

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