Insulin Syringes

BD-Micro Insulin Syringes & Needles are manufactured by Becton Dickinson and are single use medical instruments. They are made with surgical grade stainless steel and are non-pyrogenic and non-toxic. They feature an optimal point geometry and a special Micro-Bonded Lubrication. These syringes are available in 0.3 mL, 0.5 mL and 1 mL sizes. They are designed to be comfortable and precise, allowing you to deliver an accurate dose of insulin.

These syringes feature an easy-to-inject needle tip with a sharp edge and a special Micro-Bonded lubrication. These syringes also feature a thinner tip and are less painful, making them an ideal choice for regular injections. They are also manufactured according to ISO 9626 standard, making them quality products.

BD- microfine insulin syringes and Needles are available in 0.3 mL, 0.25 mL, and 0.5 mL sizes. They are available in a 0.5 mL capacity with a BD Ultra-FineTM needle, which is specially designed to deliver a consistent dose of insulin, ensuring patient comfort. These syringes are also available in a 0.3 mL capacity with a BD Micro-FineTM Plus needle, which is specially designed to deliver fewer needle bounces. They are manufactured from high quality steel and are designed to improve injection quality and reduce patient discomfort. They also feature an easy-to-use, single-use needle that supports any injection technique.

BD Micro-Fine Pen Needles are also available in 0.3 mL, 0.4 mL, and 0.5 mL size. They are also available in three needle lengths, which are ideal for people with various skin types. These syringes feature an easier-to-inject needle tip with BD Micro-Bonded Lubrication, making them comfortable for all injection users. They are single-use, making them an ideal choice for regular insulin administration.

Microlance(tm) 3 Needles

BD Microlance(tm) 3 Needles from BD-Micro Syringes are designed for easy penetration of soft tissues. The unique bevel design provides a smooth gliding force during insertion. They are available in regular and thin wall designs, with a variety of lengths and gauges. They are packaged in thermoformed polyethylene (PE) / polyamide (PA) film and are latex-free. They are sterile and come in a pack of 100 hypodermic needles.

BD Microlance(tm) hypodermic needles are used by healthcare professionals in first aid and non-specialist applications. They are commonly used by diabetic patients to administer insulin. They are also used by healthcare professionals to perform various injection procedures. Their hypodermic needles have been proven to offer superior penetration performance. These hypodermic needles are available in a variety of sizes and diameters. They are individually wrapped, reducing risk of puncturing and ensuring patient comfort at the injection site. They are also color coded to make needle guage identification easy.

The Microlance(tm) 3 Needles have been designed to be connected to both slip and lock adapters. They are made of stainless steel and are color coded to make needle guage recognition easy. They are individually wrapped and feature a polishing method that ensures a smooth surface for better flow and more comfortable insertion. The BD Microlance(tm) needles have also been proven to provide better penetration of soft tissues. These hypodermic needles are also packaged in thermoformed polyethylene (PE)/polyamide (PA) film and are latex-free.


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