Whichever way your team decides to go, a buddy system is a surefire way to foster a sense of community and support across your distributed teams. Companies lacking a good remote team connection are missing out on a variety of benefits it brings to both general productivity and overall workplace culture.

Designating Specific Communication Channels

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How To Successfully Manage A Remote Team

Interestingly, this number jumped to 58% when remote employees were asked the same question. So working remotely clearly had its advantages even before the global pandemic. Let’s have a look at some of the benefits of working and collaborating effectively with a remote team. We also use Zoom video conferencing and Slack for impromptu communication. Jira is used for issue tracking, Confluence for team collaboration, and Trello is used to make lists and track progress. As you’re not working in a shared workplace, it’s harder to gauge how employees are feeling. In fact, encouraging social interaction can be as simple as taking a few minutes before team meetings for casual conversation.

You should also be aware that future pandemics may require all your employees to work from home, so it’s a good idea to create a contingency plan for such a situation. One of the important things to consider when deciding on a structure for your team is the region or regions in which your team members are located. If they’re in various parts of the country or in other countries, take different time zones into account, especially if all your employees need to be online at the same time. Learning how to manage a remote team means striking a delicate balance.

With several businesses online, equipping your employees with these resources will set them up for success and increase productivity. No matter what tool you decide to use, as long as there’s a way to foster two-way communication, remote workers won’t feel isolated from one another. Being part of a remote team was already common in today’s workforce. However, it wasn’t until recently that companies were forced — and didn’t just choose — to work beyond their office walls. Companies should provide resources like counseling services, mental health webinars, and platforms where employees can discuss their feelings and challenges openly.

“From the ubiquitous e-mail to how to have meetings, everything is mediated through technology,” he said. “We have to figure out how we’re going to work together and what we can expect from each other.” Talk about how to align on shared work, and how to collaborate on that work. The remedy to this challenge is to establish functionally fair pay rates, which could be selecting a specific city as a proxy for cost of living or using a formula to generate the amount. Here is an entire list of ideas to boost employee morale, and a guide to employee of the month programs.

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